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“The Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation” founded by F.D. Professor V.B. Ulzibat is a private patient care academic institution. It practices musculoskeletal system treatment.

The main aim of our work is the motion improvement and pain abatement for each patient of our clinic.

The medical basis of our clinic is the set of patented inventions made by its founder. F.D. Professor V.B. Ulzibat is the Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation. His technologies enable to administer the expert surgical care in the outpatient setting.

During 24,5 years the medical staff of our clinic has been administering the expert orthopedic care in the outpatient setting to the people with innate and acquired musculoskeletal system diseases including ICP (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis).

For the work period 45 926 patients were received for the treatment (data on 31.12.15), including 37 858 children (82,2 %). Among the patients of the institute there were 1855 citizens from foreign countries such as: Spain, Serbia, Mexico, Germany, USA, Italy, Greece, Sweden, India, Poland, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon.

The age group distribution of the patients with musculoskeletal system disorders was the following: from 1 to 3 years – 14,8%, from 4 to 7 years – 38,2%, from 8 to 10 years – 15%, from 11 to 14 years – 14,4%, from 15 to 17 years – 14,9%, under 18 years – 2,7%.

In our clinic 1,2% of the received patients have the congenital musculoskeletal system pathologies such as: torticollis, clubfoot, joints deformity. 12,2% of the patients have the acquired pathologies such as: the consequences of traumatic and infectious lesions, plexitis, neuropathy, scoliosis, joints deformity, chronic myofascial pain syndrome of various localization.

The largest group of our patients includes people suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. 86,6% of the total number of patients (39 788) are the people with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, among them there are 92,2% children (34 901). The age distribution of the patients with ICP is the following: from 1 to 3 years – 15,7 %; from 4 to 7 years – 41,7 %; from 8 to 10 years – 15,9 %; from 11 to 14 years – 14,3 %; from 15 to 17 years – 10,1%; under 18 years – 2,3%. The patient distribution according to the type of CP is the following: the double hemiplegia – 43%, spastic diplegia – 36,8%, hemiparetic form – 13,1%; hyperkinetic – 5,8%; atonic-astatic – 1,3%.