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Ulzibat Valeriy Borisovich

Ulzibat Valeriy Borisovich

Professor V.B. Ulzibat (1946-2003)

Full Doctor, Professor, the Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation, Fellow of the Russian Association for the Study of Pain , the Honorable member of the All-Russian executive committee of Pirogov’s Doctor Congress, the founder and till the last permanent director of Tula Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation

V.B. Ulzibat established the private research institute, working his inventions. For the second anniversary the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation has been functioning successfully. It is the World leader in the study and treatment of all widely spread musculoskeletal pathologies of a man. In the World Medical practice Ulzibat Institute is a unique one.

During the last 16,5 years the special microorthopedic treatment was administered to more than 29800 patients from different countries of the World, 79% were the ICP children, who suffered from the chronic pain syndrome and muscle contractures.

Valerij Borisovich Ulzibat was born in 1946 in Ulan-Bator Mongolian Republic in the serviceman family.

In 1963 Valerij Borisovich entered the Mongolian State Medical Institute and in 1970 he graduated from Kemerov Medical Institute by the speciality Medical Business. After the graduation he started his work as the orthopedist-traumatologist. For the period of his work he invented 8 methods of pain treatment, which were protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

The guideline on the muscle pain treatment methodologies was approved in 1990 by the USSR Ministry of Public Health.

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