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A violation in the innervation of muscle fibers and nutrition occurs because of the pathological processes going in the central nervous system. The processes of necrosis begin in a muscle which inevitably results in the formation of a scar tissue in it. As the child grows, the formed scars are beginning to further restrict movements in all parts of the limbs and leads to abnormal postures and deformities of the joints. The method of treatment of patients with the disorders of musculoskeletal system is based on the scientific research conducted by Professor V.B. Ulzibat. The developed surgical technique of a step-by-step fiberotomy allows to remove local muscle contractions and pain syndromes. The method involves dissection of the muscle scars with a specially designed scalpel. The operation is performed in a sparing mode without cutting the skin and only in the area of the scar with keeping the healthy muscles. Depending on your motor disorders and presence of pain, the operation is possible on any surface of the skeletal muscles of the head, neck, trunk and extremities, with a simultaneous influence on different muscle groups. Elimination of muscle contractures and pain allows for a significant increase in range of motion and appearance of the new motor skills.

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