About Clinic

More than two decades ago, V.B. Ulzibat established the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology. Since then, all the main principles of the surgeries performed in the Clinic remain unaltered.

The fundamentals of the Institute operation lie in a set of patented inventions of its founder – PhD Professor Valerij Borisovich Ulzibat, the Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation. These inventions enable effective, affordable, and safe surgical service on an outpatient basis.

For more than 25 years, on an outpatient basis, the specialists of the Institute of "Clinical Rehabilitology " give special orthopedic aid to the patients with congenital and acquired musculoskeletal pathologies, including those suffering from the ICP.

Our advantages

stable positive result appears for 97% of the patients
minimal traumatism: no sutures, no incisions, no postsurgical recovery
each patient admitted to the Clinic is of extreme importance to us. In our Clinic you will feel at home

The Institute’s patients are the citizens of Russia, all republics of the former UUSR. We also treat many patents from the countries of the far abroad: Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, Czechia, Germany, the USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Sweden, India, Poland, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and from many other countries.

The largest group of the patients are those admitted with diagnosis «“infantile cerebral paralysis” » (the ICP). We admit for treatment patients with different ICP types, such as: double hemiplegia, spastic diplegia, hemiparetic, hyperkinetic, atonic, astatic types. The treatment is the most effective when carried out in early age, but as rule, the significant effect of the treatment can also be observed when the patients of 18 years and older address to the Clinic.

97%of the patients have a stable recovery effect
71%of the patients note the positive result and return to us again
87%of the patients are admitted with diagnosis “infantile cerebral paralysis”