The Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology  is specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal system pathologies. Cerebral palsy,  Dupuytren's contracture,  myofascial pain syndrome and other diseases are responded to safety treatment based on the unique surgical technique of phased fibrotomia (PF). This method has been developed by Professor, Doc. hib. in Medicine V.B. Ulzibat. 

The clinic provides high-tech and highly-specialized medical care.  You can get medical consultation, ask a question, find out the doctors schedule, treatment duration, and diagnostic technique and so on as follows:    

·         Write on e-mail:;

·          Complete feedback form;

·         Call the multi-channel number : 7(4872) 33-80-00;

·         Contact the "online consultant" service.

Advanced equipment, personnel professionalism and the unique method allow achieving significant improvements in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases.