One Day Hospital

One-day hospital provides full range of services during one day without hospitalization. This is the most convenient for children and parents. Examination and treatment are conducted during working day- from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except week-ends and holidays.

Day patient hospital is the preferred alternative for many patients who do not want to spend nights in a medical facility. The main advantages of staying in One-day hospital as follows: 

·         Costs saving;

·         Stress reduction;

·         Safety;

·         Comfort;

·         Treatment effectiveness.

The Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology provides the most comfortable treatment conditions for patients of any age with muscle-skeleton disorders. One-day hospital conditions allow conducting full range of diagnostic procedures, examinations, tests, operations, postoperative examinations, and consultations. Complete control over the patients' condition is carried out, which is equally comfortable for doctors and patients.
Treatment by the method of professor, Doc. hib in Medicine, honored inventor of the Russian Federation, V.B. Ulzibat is conducted without additional complex equipment, in a short time and with minimal traumatism. Thus, there is no need for hospitalization and the patient is quickly recovered in home conditions.