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Jershov Vadim Lvovich

Jershov Vadim Lvovich

Anesthesiologist – resuscitation specialist, Ph.D. (med.)

Jershov Vadim Lvovich was born in 1956. In 1979 he graduated from the 2nd Pirogov Moscow Medical Institute.

In the period of 1979 – 1991 he worked as the anesthesiologist – resuscitation specialist in the children’s resuscitation and anesthetization of Tula municipal hospital № 1.

In 1980 he took the internship on the basis of Tula municipal hospital № 1 by the speciality - Pediatrics. In the period of 1981 – 1989 Vadim Lvovich took the following specialization courses:

In 1991 Vadim Lvovich moved to the newly established "Theoretical and Practical Center of Authors’ Treatment Methodologies", early reorganized in "The Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation" on the position of the head anesthesiologist.

In 1996 Vadim Lvovich took series of specialization courses in anesthetization, intensive care and resuscitation in pediatrics under the Russian Medical Academy of Advanced Studies in Moscow.

In 1998 Vadim Lvovich attended lectures and listened to the reports of the advanced training courses "Anesthetization and resuscitation" under the Federation of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitation Specialists.

For his work period Vadim Lvovich has the reputation as the competent specialist. He is constantly mastering his professional skills and learning the latest scientific advances in medicine. He has several publications on the problems of anesthesiology and hemodynamics of the ICP patients. In 1996 at the World Anesthesiologists Congress in Vienna (Austria) Vadim Lvovich reported on the experience of more than 10000 outpatient anesthetizations for the ICP patients.

During his work period V.L. Jershov remains a practitioner. He is very responsive to all his patients. Vadim Lvovich enjoys authority and love over his patients and medical staff.