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Nikolin Valerij Semyonovich

Nikolin Valerij Semyonovich

Traumatologist – orthopedist

Nikolin Valerij Semyonovich was born in 1965 in Kimovsk Tula region.

Valerij Semyonovich graduated from the Medicinal faculty of the 1st Sechenov Medical Institute in Moscow. He was placed on a job in Tula region health department and was assigned to the municipal hospital №1 in Novomoskovsk.

In 1989 after the graduation from the internship he was assigned to Venyov central hospital on the position of a surgeon. In 1997 Valerij Semyonovich was appointed to a position of a surgeon in the surgical department №1 in Semashko municipal emergency hospital in Tula.

In 2008 was accepted on a position of a surgeon in ZAO "The Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation".

Nikolin Valerij Semyonovich is modest, polite, very accurate in his work and attentive to his patients, firm of purpose. He has the reputation as the competent specialist. The doctor is constantly mastering his professional skills and learning the latest scientific advances in medicine.